Comparative Historical Study


A comparative historical analysis was performed on data from 94 patients with Stage IV Melanoma treated with a vaccine similar to POL-103A (Polyvalent, shed-antigen melanoma vaccine adjuvanted with alum or 1l-2 liposome – 17 concurrently treated with low dose interferon).

Polynoma’s primary technology, seviprotimut-L, was formerly known as POL-103A

The primary conclusions derived from the comparative analysis were as follows:

  • Overall survival of patients with stage IV melanoma immunized to a polyvalent, shed antigen, cancer vaccine is markedly prolonged compared to the survival of historical patients with similar characteristics, treated under then-available regimens.
  • The median OS of 436 historical patients with resected stage IV disease was 19 mo (range 17-20) months compared to 43.1 mo for the vaccine-treated patients (N=60). The median OS of 1105 historical patients with measurable disease was 5 mo (range 4-6 mo) compared to 20.4 mo for the vaccine-treated patients (N=34).


Laky et al. J of Invest Dermatol 119:34, 2002.