Shed Antigens Technology


Seviprotimut-L is an allogeneic, polyvalent, partially purified shed melanoma antigens vaccine (alum adjuvanted) derived from three proprietary human melanoma cell lines. 

Melanoma cells are grown in bioreactors and cellular and melanoma-associated proteins are shed under optimized conditions, collected and then partially purified to separate them from non-essential whole cell and nuclear material, thereby minimizing extraneous cell components — concentrating the amount of antigens relevant to melanoma. This partially purified material serves as the active ingredient(s) of the vaccine. Seviprotimut-L is allogenic and unlike personalized vaccine and cell therapy approaches, its is “off-the-shelf” and can be given to all persons.

Mechanism of Action

Seviprotimut-L works by stimulating both 
humoral and cellular immune responses.

Melanoma-associated antigens (MAAs) found in seviprotimut-L are taken up by antigen-presenting cells (e.g., dendritic cells) which then activate the production of antigen-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTLs) as well as develop antibody responses against MAAs. These CTLs and antibodies then recognize and act on tumor cells expressing the MAAs on their surfaces, causing cell death.